Generating music video
Real time music video

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Dennis uses WebGL and works best on desktop or the iPhone 5 and up. It's rendered in real time, so the interactive version might feel choppy, out of sync, or entirely broken in your browser.

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Dennis is a real time video
powered by the music of popcorn_10

Dennis is a music video with music from popcorn_10 produced by Always & Forever. It’s a generative 3D experience whose every movement responds to the song’s finest details. Each frame is created in real time with code—nothing is pre-rendered. An interactive camera allows you to explore the scenes, which are created procedurally every time you press play. You’ll never see the same video twice.

Every frame is drawn by code
and synchronized to music in real time

You’ll never see the same video twice

Dennis was built with JavaScript in WebGL. It also uses a custom engine that synchronizes animations to distinct musical events from a song’s individual layers. Shapes are sliced to fit programmatically for each playthrough. Dennis would not be possible without incredible open source projects like Three.js, ThreeCSG, Hammer.js or GSAP.


Always & Forever is the studio of George Michael Brower, a designer and developer based in New York. Formerly of Google’s Creative Lab, he’s to blame for George & Jonathan III, Staggering Beauty, dat-gui and numerous Chrome Experiments.

Featuring the song Dennis by popcorn_10.
Listen to popcorn_10 on SoundCloud.

popcorn_10's audio biography.

NHX is a hypermedia record label
releasing music on the internet.

Special thanks to Neil Cline, Gabe Liberti, Jenn Chaney, Josh Knapp, James DeVito and Lindsay Degen.